Hello world, this is my first blog post!! 🚀

My name is Ioannis Diamantidis, I am a software developer and a few months ago I decided to start my own blog. Reading other developer’s blogposts every day, I decided that it is worth trying to start writing too, about my ideas and topics that I am interested in. The content of the blog will be related to software development(or at least I will try to). My intent is not to focus on one specific area, like iOS, but rather be more diverse.


There are many reasons that lead me to the decision of starting my own blog.

Improve my writing skills

I am of the opinion that practice makes perfection. So, by writing more often, I will eventually improve my ability to express and describe my ideas and thoughts better.

Improve my overall skills

I believe that writing about or trying to teach a topic is a great way for someone to really learn more about it. Writing or teaching requires some deeper understanding of the topic in order to be able to describe it or answer questions. Furthermore, publicly expressing ideas and opinions is a great way to receive some valuable feedback from the readers.

Give back to the community

Throughout my career so far, I have learned a lot from the community and I consider this blog as a way to give back to the community and help other people get better through my blog posts. Writing about problems that I faced, technologies that I used - and I feel is worth writing(for me) and worth reading and learning(for the reader) - and practices that I follow and help me develop through my career, I hope that will be beneficial for some of the readers.

Explore some new technologies/tools

I have a long list of technologies that I want to experiment with but I couldn’t find any opportunity to try them. Writing a blog post or a tutorial maybe it’s a good way to remove some of them from my todo list.

Reference for the future

When I am exploring a new technology or doing something I wasn’t aware before, I have the tendency to keep a “How to” record as a reference for the future. So, instead of keeping files for these records(and struggle to find them when I need them), I will have this blog and use some of the blogposts as a reference for the future me(and others of course).

Explore Jekyll

Last but not least, it is a great opportunity to explore and built something with Jekyll and remove it once and for all from my todo list(You guess right, a blog post of my thoughts on Jekyll maybe is on the way). :smile:


This is it for my first blog post. I am really excited to start this endeavour and I hope that this blog will justify the reasons for starting it and I will eventually reach my goals. Writing a blog and keeping it updated requires some commitment, so I will try to publish a new blogpost initially at least once every two weeks and as I am getting more familiar and better at writing I will try to do it more often. Lastly, I will try to close the blog posts with a quote that I think that match the content. This time is the boy scout rule and it’s application in many aspect of our lives.

Always leave the campground (or code, world, everything) a little better than you found it.