Did you know that Jekyll supports drafts by default?

The process of writing a post may span to multiple days; from the time you jot down an idea, to writing the post, polishing and eventually publishing it.

Instead of creating a post, you can start using drafts for those unfinished posts that you don’t want to publish yet.

To start using drafts on an existing Jekyll blog, just follow the following steps:

# Create a folder named `_draft` on the root directory of your blog 
mkdir _drafts
# Inside '_draft', create a Markdown file for your first draft
touch _drafts/my-first-draft.md
# Open this file and add some content
echo "my first draft" > _drafts/my-first-draft.md
#  Run your blog with the `--drafts` switch
jekyll server --watch --drafts
# Open on your favourite browser to see the draft

And that’s it!

You can now streamline your writing process using drafts! :rocket: